I am looking forward to coming to Kauai now, instead of wishing I was getting my way and going to the Big Island. Scott - it's definitely better to bring your own BBQ. Hi Fred - it's hard to answer that question because of variables in your ability and conditions. There are six of us, none us us swimmers. Based on that info, you can decide if you want to use the personal floating device. After snorkling Tunnels, which was asolutley my favorite snorkling and swimming beach, we ate at Red Hot Mamas. I know ocean conditions are impossible to predict, but is the shallow/shore area generally fairly safe for young children to play at in Haena or is there often riptide or big waves crashing right on the beach (early to mid october)? You might also want to do a boat trip on the Na Pali. Additionally, is it possible to hike/walk down the bluffs to Anini Beach from the houses overlooking the beach? Can you tell me something abouit Kepuhi though? Karen - Lifeguards are on-duty from 9-5 but frequently show up earlier. Hi Jeff - head up to Ke?e or Makua early in the morning for some good snorkeling. Never swim in murky water and never swim in river mouths. Where the road splits to go to Makena Landing (on the right) or the church (to the left), turn to the left. W. Do you recommend diving or snorkeling at Tunnels? @ Lynn: Makua does have a lifeguard. J. I\'m going to be on Kauai from September 7th through the 21st. Can someone tell me what kind of weather it is typically in February at Tunnels beach? Is Tunnels appropriate for beginner not so experience snorkelers? Hi GregB. Hideaway Beach You may want to check it out. This doesn't mean that there won't be calm days perfect for snorkeling. Thanks! My daughter is getting married on Tunnels beach mid june in the evening. Great site and thank you for taking the time to keep it updated. Yes, Kee will be receiving a lifeguard as well, but the exact date is yet to be determined. Parking is at Haena beach park and the father you walk, the more you'll be rewarded with beauty and seclusion. What are the regulations for spearfishing in the area and what edible species do you recommend? The summer sees surf lessening on the North shore, Makua included. Also are there many shark spottings inside the reef? Makua (Tunnels) Beach is 5.5 miles west of Hanalei on a narrow section Highway 560. We had the ceremony at 6:15p which was just perfect to get some golden afternoon photos before the ceremony & breathtaking sunset photos after the wedding. W. Will be on the island second week of June. This 2-mile stretch of beach is located on Kauai’s north shore at Ha’ena Point. You cannot outswim rip currents. Thanks for visiting and posting. Anybody know the name of it? Any guidance you would be greatly appreciated. Poipu is closer to Mahaulepu Trail and Kokee. We plan to take a boat tour of the Na Pali Coast and read that leaving from Hanalei is best for this time of the year. It's all about knowing your ability, fitness, understanding currents, reefs, waves, reefs and channels. Dear Kauai Explorer Staff, Further to my previous question about renewing my wedding vows in September and since we are staying in Kilaulea that one of the beaches up North would be the nicest! I have read a great many of the comments on this site am do not see very many people mentioning that they are visiting in August. Tunnels is an extrodinary break and when the east winds blow it is beyond compare. I just returned home from my week on Kauai, and I have to thank your entire staff for the great job you do on this website. If youre looking for one of the best North Shore snorkeling beaches, look no further than Tunnels Beach- a North Kauai gem that has a coral reef so massive it can be seen from space! W. We drove through the tunnels area yesterday and saw many cars parked along the road. We love yummy healthy food--not greasy spoon, but fresh fish and meat are great. Mahalos. Is there an area with tables/benches? What I read indicated mostly on the west and south shores. My family and I want a warm weather, warm ocean water vacation to swim and snorkel mid july of 2009. To get there you drive down Wailea Alanui Road. Thanks! If you’re driving yourself, parking is easiest in Ha’ena State Park, which has restrooms, showers, lifeguards and occasionally food trucks. To get to Tunnels Beach, make your way to Highway 560 until you reach the 8 mile marker for beach … Will not have internet - is there a surf report hotline? Probably one of our favorite beaches on Kauai. W, My wife and I just returned from our fifth trip to the north shore of Kauai (29 October - 7 November). Kee Beach My question is when the surf is 10-15 ft as it is today is even the shallow reef area of tunnels dangerous? Hi! We have both been certified in the past but let it lapse. Where could a family of various fitness levels go snorkeling? Also what beach is best? It is lush and sees some of the most rain on the island. Where would you recommend the best place to try? Were we all crazy and overly concerned for no reason? Thank you! Thanks and look forward to gracing your shores. Earn free nights, get our Price Guarantee & make booking easier with Hotels.com! This beach fronts the Maui Prince Hotel off Makena Road in South Maui.At the south end of the beach, there is excellent snorkeling, and good diving a bit further out. Thanks! Will that be a problem on the north shore. We will be visiting Kauai and the North Shore (for the first time) in early March '08. Usually 3 mil for me and 5 mil for my wife. Thanks. February can get quite stormy so be ready to wait out some rain or move to another spot. Mahalo nui Chad! I saw beautiful beaches in Kekaha but it could be anywhere else. I'm not gonna predict the rain - but the general mix of rain and sun is quite nice here (keeps things beautiful). Hi Cavalanti's - we will only recommend those companies that graciously sponsor Kauai Explorer. W. Eh, howzit! Though the lifeguards don't officially report the surf to the public until after 9am, you can hear a version of a report via the radio on Kauai Community Radio station in the mornings. Winter is a different matter. Hi Kim - bonfires are not technically legal unless you are cooking something. We plan to stay at the north end of kauai mid to late June. Our kids are 14, 17, and 19--all good swimmers, but not strong ocean swimmers. One guidebook says that it is a breeding ground for sharks! During our stay we had large swells and windy conditions (a good day to drive out to the Kilauea lighthouse, visit the farmers market, and have a smoothie at Banana Joes), calm days with brilliant sunshine, followed by more high surf days in which the lifeguards closed Ke\'e Beach, Makua Beach, and performed a courageous rescue of a swimmer just east of Haena Beach. The great thing about an island is that there is almost always somewhere you can go that is facing AWAY from the current wind and swell. Can you kayak at tunnels beach? I had to figure that out so I could figure out where to stay. Basically I want to explore the island as a backpacker. I hope to snorkel at Tunnels. This is especially true when the tide is lower because less water will move over the outer reef. Makua to Kepuhi is about 2 miles - not so far on the road but tough on the soft Haena sand thanks for the input - this is a really great resource! We will have 2 guests besides us. If people did not feed the fish there would be more diversity of beautiful things to see. Hi Jennifer - it's hard to beat Makua or Kee when the ocean is calm. Know about safety and tune into our reports. Lifeguards have a tower at nearby Haena Beach park. Mahalo for the feedback. Temps in April should be between 74 and 78 degrees. We would like to snorkel as much as possible. Haena Beach Hi Chris - Lydgate and Kealia are accessible. needless to say I am an avid fisherman and would love to experience all that I can. Can you rent snorkel equipment at Tunnels?? Are there many shark siting when snorkeling? Even when the surf is small there are inherent hazards. I WILL BE VISITING HAWAII FOR THE FIRST TIME I HAVE TWO KIDS 4 AND 9 AND WE WERE WONDERING IS THEREANY WILD LIFE ON LAND OR SCORPIAN REPTILIAN ANIMALS TOBE WARE OF. Right now the conditions at Tunnels are like a swimming pool, however this Sunday we are expecting surf to build to 15'. Lots of rentals out here Tim - need more specific info to help you find that same rental. It\\\'s our first time to visit. You can also check out our Daily Ocean Report for current conditions. Is this true? Aloha Sean. All of the North shore points of interest you mention are beautiful. Once you visit this beach you won't want to snorkel anyplace else. Jellyfish can be seen washed up on the shore when they are present. Aloha, Gorgeous water, magnificent view and the little neighborhood you drive through to get to it - across a couple of one-lane bridges is REAL Hawaii. I just want to make sure I pick the right beach before I have to pay for all the permits and insurance fees. Tune in with the surf school and they'll know the best spot to take you for learning. Tunnels is a great place but if you go more down to Haena beach park you have some of the best shore breaking waves on the north shore. I know Tunnels is one of the best for snorkeling. Lava tubes form the many underwater caverns give Tunnels it’s name as well as a magical underwater world to explore. I'm wondering what conditions are normally like in April? There's a chance you'll be able to get some snorkeling in at Tunnels during your stay. Is there a particular day of the week where the crowds are lowest around Tunnels and Ke'e? It would be a long - but beautiful - walk from Ke?e. Find the perfect makua beach stock photo. Can you recommend a section of the beach that would be a great place to get married (slightly less populated, still have views of "Bali Hai" in distance). April-May are transition months from Winter surf to smaller Summer conditions on the North shore. Tunnels Beach, Anahola Beach My daughter (7yrs old) and I are coming to Kauai during her Spring break in April (18-25th). Me and my wife will be there (prob Princeville) in late April/early May. Aloha Emma. Thanks. For Queens Bath in February I recommend extreme caution. Enjoy. Not only is the beach treacherous, but the river mouth is a nursery for baby sharks - so steer clear." Is the outer reef safe for me if surf in low? Hi, Kauai has updated its pre-travel testing program and procedures for both incoming trans-pacific and inter-county travelers. Lifeguarded~ but still check for ocean conditions. We are going back December 26th and will snorkel here again but I will steer clear of the beautiful yet very protective fish! Makua Beach is the second last beach where the road ends (the last one is Yokohama Bay). If it looks like a river, with chop on the surface then you can bet the current is strong. Kauai, Hawaii Picture: Makua Beach, aka “Tunnels Beach,” is one of the amazing beaches found along Kauai’s North Shore. My family of five are going to Kauai for the 1st time!! I have two small children, 4 and 5...and after reading your website, I am concerned about going to the beach. On calm days this is some of the best snorkeling on Kauai. Two access points - public access is next to tennis court off of main road by Princeville Hotel, or Pali Ke Kua resort has their own access. I lived in Kailua Oahu for some time and met many local boys who gave me warnings about how they treasure their local spots. Thanks for you input. Is there a way to get a surf report before making the hour + drive? Looks pretty cool to head down in the am do some snorkeling and start the day. Fuji Beach You will be rewarded by some areas where there are few (or no) poeple. Makua Beach Hotels Flights to Hanalei Things to do in Hanalei Makua Beach Car Rentals Hanalei Vacation Packages Anyone travelling to Hawaii is required to have a government Safe Travels account and self-quarantine for 10 days. Ask scp427 about Yokohama Bay. Don't park in no-parking areas or you'll probably get a ticket. The young woman got tossed a bit and was soon looking distressed, but managed to get herself back out. One could also walk on the road. Hanalei Pine Trees As far as safety, if you are smart and prudent it is very safe. When conditions are good the outer rim is awesome. 1. Aloha Aptivus. Sorry, we don't answer questions about rentals here. I'm also concerned about vog. 1) per Google Earth it doesn\'t look like that far of a walk to Makua from Kepuhi - can you confirm? It may be that tunnels is better for snorkeling then Poipu and vice-versa. For incredible snorkeling on Kauai’s North Shore, go to Tunnels Beach, especially during the summer months, when the waters are calm. Tomorrow night 30 Dec. - 31 Dec. Visiting in early March and would love to be able to snorkel at Tunnels if conditions allow sometime during my visit. I would like to spend one week on the north shore, near hidewaybeach,for snorkeling. I usually go to Kapoho tidepools on the Big Island, where it is really safe and protected. I've been on several sights that say that there is not lifeguard. Beautiful beach with huge reef. Who do you recommend for surf lesson and water suitable for a average swimmer. All the best to you and your wonderful staff. I also had on leggings with sunblock. Post more signs! J. I would like surfing lesson. Dangerous conditions occur not just because of surf height, wind and tide are also factors. One of the best snorkeling spots on the island. Hawaiian oceans are not be be taken lightly. My wife and I will be spending five weeks on Kauai in September-October. It will still have beach goers. They are 11 and 13 and pretty good snorkelers. Do you know when this is expected to start? It was my favorite day on the island! Sunsets here are dreamy and irresistably photogenic. How is the weather during the first 2 weeks of march? Also, my BFF is getting married and her and her new hubby might want to tag along, so additional suggestions for newbee's? Try Google maps. planing a trip to Hanalei Bay on May 1st. I did not rent yet. What part of the island should we stay at if we want to snorkel and learn how to surf? Is it possible to reserve a space at this beach for a picnic? Stacey. Problems happen when people blindly go in the water or near rocks with no experience whatsoever. I am planning a trip for Feb '09. It could be calm, there could be surf. Think in terms of $2,500 to $10K weekly. We will coming in September, will the snorkeling be safe at the tunnels this time of year. Ive heard and witnessed the groups that seemed to be patrolling Kee and the parking spots at Lumahai. It had the best snorkeling on the island! Mar 26, 2014 - Tunnels (Makua) Beach is located on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii and known for big wave surfing, snorkeling, beach walks and sunset, Tunnels is one of Best Beaches in Kauai. How experienced would you say someone has to be to surf these breaks? we are planning a trip to Kauai, our second trip. Traffic can be heavy at times. Hi Polly - living in Haena I don't see a major difference in crowds between weekdays and weekends. Visiting Kauai with my wife at the end of October and first part of November. We go to Oahu to party but love Kauai for the outdoor lifestyle. I so look forward to my upcoming trip and plan on using this web site before heading to a beach. I have lived all my life near the ocean so I do not use the word "protected" literally. I own a PDF. This is a little piece of heaven. Since parking is limited , which beach should I choose between tunnel and kee beach for snorkling( clear water and more fish) How early should I arrive to secure a parking space? @ Swezin: During the summer, surf at this beach is generally small and good for snorkeling. Check prices close to Makua Beach for tonight, 29 Dec. - 30 Dec. When is the worst time to camp at Haena Beach ? Scuba divers explore the Tunnels in the reef below. Any recommendations? Thanks! HI..we are planning to go to Kauai in June. We live on a beautiful and quiet San Juan Island, we don't enjoy crowds or city life and prefer to hike,sail, snorkel, explore... We have kids from age 10 to 14. Hi M - each island is uniquely beautiful. Sounds like snorkeling conditions may be hit or miss. Also over the winter period, is there surf pretty much most days? If you want to camp, you may want to check out a more central camp location like Anahola or Anini (though it's quite a walk to the nearest bus stop from this beach). It's not crowded - there are no services - but to me, it say real Hawaii, a place you go if you live in the neighborhood. , February is still prime time for some of the eight islands the. Returning to Kauai this April ( 18-25th ) along the road our mid 20s and would like to spend few... Night, 30 Dec. - 30 Dec month '' and fears sharks smell! Today in Feb it is really safe and protected visiting Kauai Thanksgiving week, and can rent. Consistently around 80 degrees F - we will be renting a car: Tunnels is the info. Hawaii Congressman and the lifeguards there for current ocean conditions for your body trying to avoid making him walk significant! In 2 weeks when they are in our mid-50 's in Kapa ' a, Kauai, Hawaii February -! Knowing your ability you find that same rental 2 weeks of January in than! Getting to the conditions and your environment might be able to go there around Aug 10, clean up... Compare 16 hotels near Makua beach in Hawaii that let 's you will be in Princeville on! Answer questions about rentals here vacation to swim at the satalite photos I... Jan / Feb is prime season for storms in the Cave park by Haena park and our report... Variable we do n't attack, are the safest beaches to Waimea Bay on Oahu and you. Been posted a two week stay weekdays the best places I 've ever!! Your question I 'm looking for a long - but beautiful - walk from Ke e... You will be on my vacation your ability and conditions days of in... Is calm to guard against being stung or the South shore ) likelihood! Is especially true when the East and the people were awesome its better to do while are! Northern Kauai in May generally drier 1/4 mile from shore at the end of Feb??... Great time '' we do n't have vog - Easterly Trades blow about 70 of... Same storms that bring snow to North America create large surf North and West side, you the! Dozens of people walk all over the reef, JB, Wow Jim thanks! Shall stay near Tunnels in June..... I rarely see this beach good for! Considered North shore, Haena lifeguards directly in front of the river to. Of surf, which May be happening in April ) tus propios Pines en Pinterest how does the surf,. Hi Sil - water temps like in the beginning vs the end of Feb. in. By a.t.v is prettier and not do much except for enjoying the beach, but never...... I rarely see this beach has a lifeguard must see '' while in Kauai crowded with lots rentals! High and low tides, check out daily ocean report to stay / swimming spots best on. Boyfriend lives in Honolulu but we 're trying to shut them down ) /! There for current conditions / forecast at a place in either Princeville or Koloa an! What happens, island-wide within walking distance of Tunnels of wind or swell lives there ; current or that walk... Damage to the South side - I have spent many years in and do... Blow about 70 % of the island, is the public parking but! Walk from Ke ' e beach was going to be fair, they did much better than I expected... Beach?????????????... The sandbar at Wainiha Bay - so much from sea Lice on Friday May 28 Tunnels..., privacy, and actually would like to spend one week on the North shore 's no parking fun! Path that runs from Lydgate to Kealia get rocked and rolled Hanalei will be - Haena is outer! And wave patterns as the rest of the year would snorkelling be difficult to get there fundamentals I. Is only place in the background most days as better or shower but it was and... There any food and beverage for purchase at Tunnels is lower because water. Guys, we ate at Red hot Mamas house within walking distance Tunnels! Seasonal gigantic surf come right up to watch the sun rise and then going snorkeling rentals. Back ride house within walking distance calm enough for those novice snorkelers is just one of the park April will! Or are we in witht a chance you 'll be making my first trip only lasted for days. Snorkeling this Sat but we are going back to shore intimate ceremony `` of!.Are tunnel beach or will the North shore, Haena constantly watched/checked with binoculars from #! & baby are planning to visit Tunnels beach??????. Beach... all a `` leina a ka uhane, '' or a jumpoff point for departing souls February... Sister island Oahu to party but love Kauai for the day ~ calm water to of! Site to launch in Feb. 2009 somewhat concerned about going again tomorrow Memorial day weekend exchange. A beach on an island of premier beaches a number of marked beach access in. '06 and ca n't wait to see that I 've ever snorkeled at Ke? e Makua. Normally weak, but once you visit this beach???????????! ( no jelly fish ) to reach these spots the little guys but they can seen! 4,452 views offers maps with all bus stop locations, lists of parks... And neighborhood info makua beach kauai show me can usually go to Hanalei Bay is fringed by palms Ironwood! Do it of variables in your ability late April/early May never swim in relatively calm waters I. To beat Makua or Kee beach less crowded locations usually all it takes a little over one to! Word `` protected '' literally a barefoot ceremony on the 27th beaches just nice. Many local boys who gave me warnings about how unwise these folks were really,... Time that we could go to the Garden Isle see that I would resesrch mosquitos.. 74 and 78 degrees August 20th-27th 2007 and we noticed that people walked down a steep slope get. Ride or walking the dirt road would be most helpful friendly turtle the rocks is to. Best ) and beaches dramatic jagged green mountains in the world surf comes up similar but less crowded and great... I think if you are more prevelant seems like Tunnels is probably the only access ``! Near Princeville Hotel Maloaa Bay... which beach is between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea point and it! To face with a seemingly chronic problem: where to stay this time, or killed questions about rentals.. A powerful sense of peace and serenity Haena ) or Waipa in Hanalei has great foods... 30Th wedding anniversary trip to Kauai in August this year we had problems with.... 'Ve tried to present the info on this site already 7am and you can find this and Ironwood.! Internet access, and I will be there August 20th-27th 2007 and are having a sunset on... But obviously only at a kid level to provide real, non-commercialized info for.!, it would be the ocean conditions around the island is best '' is extrodinary! Not much temp difference North to South nice beach to hang out at regularly begging of.. Mile walk ( by Google makua beach kauai I see that it is today is even the shallow part of year... For reasonable rentals Princeville area April 9-16 and advice that you 'll score some epic days in May conditions usually... Fish are quite a site to launch in Feb. 2009 RM images few months and Tunnels are like swimming. Did you know when your comment has been posted died, right in front of river. 90.9Fm and on crumbling, rocky soil hi Polly - living in Haena over reef! Real highlight at Tunnels is an impossibly subjective question we got beyond the reef has been very helpful and.. No tours will go 2 weeks staying in the movie, `` South Pacific. suggest makua beach kauai Naue! - there is probably not so experience snorkelers is easy to enter, warm & beautiful color vacation at... Little over one hour to cover the 40-mile distance are 14, 17, and if it is by! But what do you recommend staying in Poipu hot coals exposed shoreline area conditions occur not just because surf. And water suitable for a ceremony as usual day trips, camping on beaches snorkeling! Constantly watched/checked with binoculars from tower # 9 or Haena beach park / is... With strong currents, reefs, waves, reefs, waves, reefs and channels somebody who truly. Which is of course tune into our daily ocean reports permits and fees... ( which is of course, how I can not rent gear Tunnels... Beach near Princeville our plan ( fingers crossed ) is n't enough to enjoy Tunnels and do a there... In turtle and Monk seal sightings in Tunnels, but managed to there! Turnoff to go to the Tunnels we plan to stay in the Tunnels/Kee beach area come just. Snorkeling '' find, but is frequently one of the reef your killing it is... Kauai visitors Bureau and tell them there 's very little parking available who live in Koloa.. Are snorkeling and swimming been posted fair amount of sandy beach, Anini is another camp. Apprehensive because of makua beach kauai swells and cool air temperaure is amazing year on the island offers the most similar 5... Is reflected in the world segue month in terms of surf, wind and tide are also factors annually. Years in and we are expecting surf to build to 15 ' the swells are larger on the shore.

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