One last question. Your residency permit will be then issued for the same 6-12 months period. D. iplomatic missions and consular posts of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad provide consular assistance and consular services to Bulgarian citizens and legal entities abroad, as well as to citizens of the EU Member States that have no diplomatic missions in the host country, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, the international treaties to which Bulgaria … Thank you Alex. We strongly advise you to immediately apply for and obtain visa D and then Bulgarian long term residency permit., Hello,, ok You can get married in both the Embassy and in Bulgaria. Regards, This visa is valid for 1 year and grants holder a stay of up to 90 days per entry. My Fiance and I will be marrying in the next 6 months. In order to get married in Bulgaria, you will need to have an official residential address in the country. Once you are legal resident in Bulgaria, you can arrange your residency rights in Germany accordingly. Bulgaria tourist visa is not required for citizens of United Kingdom for a stay up to 90 days. It all depends on whether you have already obtained long-term residency or not. There are more and more marriages between Bulgarians and nationals of USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Jordan, Syria, Libya, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, China, Malaysia, Turkey, etc. The short answer to your question: can the Bulgarian Foreign Affaires refuse my Visa and Residency Rights in Bulgaria due to fact that our marriage was not conducted in Europe. For more information, please see our family sponsorship page and our visitor visa page. Best regards, The statistics show that in recent years, especially after Bulgaria joined the EU and its citizens enjoy the visa free travel as EU members, the amount of fake marriages has skyrocketed. Intended Marriage (Visa valid for 3 months) A duly completed visa application form (BI 84E) in English. Will I manage to renew my resident permit after my second marriage or I suppose to apply for a new visa in my home country, or it’s okay with one what I have from my firsth marriage? The Bulgarian visas are issued by the Bulgarian embassies and consulates abroad, not at the airports or the land and sea passport control points in Bulgaria. As to your other concerns, we recommend you reading our article (in Bulgarian) –, My wife and daughter are Bulgarian, we had registered our marriage in Bulgaria many years ago around 15 or 16 years, we are married in Greece, i am a Greek citizen, how can i get a Bulgarian id, i come only for a vacation, but i think to move there we have a house, i wrote everything to my family, i have only the marriage as a proof even the bank refuse me to open an account,,, how you tell me what is going on, thanks, Hello, If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Store your valuables safely out of sight Always be suspicious if someone offers to help you with a flat tire. Good luck and please, STAY LEGAL! Is it possible? it is not easy in my country to change the name on the passport. I would like to ask , if i get married now with Bulgarian girl for how long i can get the Residence permit again? I have a Bulgarian girl friend and she also live in Germany now. Start with "What visa … After receiving the first residence card, are there any requirements I need to fulfill to renew the second one? Regards, If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us., THANKS Also, when did he marry his wife and do they have children? These are namely the spouse (you fit into this category), all descending of both the foreigner and the spouse (foreigner) who are younger than 21 as well as those who are older than 21, but can not support themselves financially or have serious medical condition, requiring the Bulgarian citizen to personally take care of them. In other words, can the process for establishing Bulgarian citizenship be done without the applicant and their partner actually living in Bulgaria as we live in the United States but would like to secure Bulgarian citizenship for the non-eu partner. If you go to Bulgaria without visa D, you can not apply for ID card. Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through marriage is a comprehensive and time consuming process. This will be only allowed if you and your (ex) husband have been living together in Bulgaria during the last 2 years without interruptions. when I will get a valid Bulgarian ID and PR? My question is, given that we have not met in person, will it be a problem in denying me visa? You must demonstrate to Bulgarian officials that they are not currently married to anyone else. Marriage in Bulgaria. Regards, The border authorities are trained to recognize wide range of ID travel documents, such as ID cards and international passports. My boyfriend is with double citizenship – Ecuadorian and American, but currently live in Croatia (EU country). thank you . You will have your choice of a wide variety of pretty Bulgarian … You will be now eligible for long-term residency only, but subject to some conditions being met, after a period of 3 to 5 years, you may become eligible for permanent residency. Park in a guarded location whenever possible 2. The below info was takes from one of the multiple websites investigated by me and I cannot find any were something saying we have to be married in EU. You will have to present a lot of paperwork, such as, your marriage certificate, police record for lack of criminal convictions, declarations, etc. I have Germany visa until 2022 with that visa i can move any EU country. is it possible to change the name on the marriage certificate, Hello, We assume that you didn’t get married yet, right? And where i have to go and apply for ID-Card? Hello, Earthquakes and landslides are common natural hazards, Copy of green card, or visa bank of applicant’s home country. My question is can he renew the residency after it expired after 5 years when he already divorce his wife after 5 years married is bulgaria ? And if i don’t need and i go Bulgaria i can apply for ID-Card?, I am harpreet from India but I came in Hungary as a work permit now I have Hungary Visa and I married with Bulgaria girl ..can u tell me how many years I will get Visa after marry ..I want to apply Visa in Germany, Hello, Regards, We live in Germany and planning to marry in Germany. Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage (Legalized and in Bulgarian language), to prove that the person is free and legally eligible to marry.) Vaccination certificate (yellow fever): is required if the applicants are entering South Africa from the countries falling within the Yellow Fever Belt. If your Bulgarian spouse has dependent children, this does not affect the Bulgarian Marriage document application., Thank you for your answer! Exams in Bulgarian for citizenship. The permanent residence can be upgraded to citizenship if the investment is maintained for five years (ordinary track) or it is increased to 1,024.000 € after 12 months (fast track). Please call our offices to arrange an appointment if you want. They are extremely attractive. My native is Sri Lanka. Can I bring my daughter and granddaughter as part of our family with us? Hi, I am British national and got married to a Bulgarian woman in April. The visa D is only a temporary solution that serves only to enable the applicant to obtain Bulgarian residence permit. TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: No for stays under 90 days if using a regular passport; visa required if using a diplomatic or official passport. Regards, What documents and Visa is needed.? I am non eu and legally married with bulgarian a year ago. You can probably continue working in Germany, depending on the rights you have at the moment (of which we are not aware). If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The right one should be “what are my chances to get immigration visa as spouse of Bulgarian citizen?”. We will therefore not waste our readers’ time to explain the administrative formalities. Where, at what marriage agency have you registered in that case? Can I apply for the spouse visa or would I need to keep extending my long-term residency? I’m a Non-EU Citizen and i’m living in ITALY and i have ASYLUM valid cad valid for 6 math and proof of adress i married with EU NATIONAL who is form ROMANEA and then i legalised my marriage form Bulgaria conciliate and they stamp on it after i pay there fee What can we do right now ahead of Brexit in December as I would like long term/permanent residence here with eventually Bulgarian citizenship if possible and not be restricted by immigration rules as we may want to live here long term. Thanks in advance for your help.. Hello, Thanks for your Support. In other words, if you don’t intend to live together with your spouse in Bulgaria, you are not eligible for residence permit. Immigroup will make sure you have not made any mistakes on your application or in gathering the documentation of your relationship. You can find the very best in Bulgarian brides when you visit Rose Brides. All foreign nationals that are not visa-exempt must apply for … I am looking for some advice and I hope I have come to the right place. Best regards, And one more question. According to the staff from the municipal Hall in Bulgaria we can apply after 3 years but I am concerned that because we aren’t living and I don’t have permanent residency there i will not qualified, may you please tell me the requirements for me to present when I will applying for citizenship thank and may you have a nice day, Hello, P.S. Me and my girlfriend want to live and work in London together so can I renew my permit from there without coming to Bulgaria? Process of citizens automaticlly closed or not. In Canada you will enjoy different advantages as a spouse of EU citizen. I have to stay in bulgaria or i can apply from here? Im married to bulgarian citizen 2 years ago and have 1 baby and have another on the way. 90 days are more than enough to get married in Bulgaria with your fiance. Bulgaria recognizes the cohabiting status of … This means that you will need to re-apply for visa D and go through the process of obtaining long-term residency again, based on your new marriage. Now we want to go in Bulgaria is there I need again take five year or same visa change in Bulgarian visa system, Hello, A typical Bulgarian woman is passionate about traveling and experiencing new things, and … Hello John, The marriage ceremony to a Bulgarian citizen can legally take place in Bulgaria, Canada, or any other country as long as both parties have the necessary visas to enter this country legally. Your email address will not be published. But if your wife “cant speak our language”, then there is something very wrong with it. My question is I am considering to spend some time in UK now and some time in Bulgaria. Email Us: [email protected] Therefore we strongly advise all of you, who are facing application for legal residency trough marriage, to consult immigration lawyer before applying yourself. Regards, If you want your application to be 100% legally compliant and your chances of approval maximized, we urge you to contact us for assistance. 6-12 months the same or it can be more longer? for your reply i’m in ITALY but my wife she is in Bulgaria and i want to know where she go in which Great Neil, Hello, 1. Hope get reply soon. We intend to marry and I have decided to make the move and make Bulgaria my home, however, I am unsure if the marriage alone would allow me to remain there. Please note that the conditions do not differ much between marriage with Bulgarian citizen and with foreigner with permanent residency. I just need to get some idea. What is the India Tourist eVisa process? If you do not marry your Bulgarian fiancé within 6 months of the issuance of the Bulgarian Marriage document, you must apply again with new supporting documents. Please note that the rate of rejection is very high lately, due to high amount of fake marriages. Bulgaria is not among the top countries with the most beautiful girls and this country seems to be unremarkable. Yes, you can contact our embassy for further assistance. And can he then apply for Bulgarian citizenship? I’m Syrian and married to bulgarian citizen for about a year, i live now in bulgaria and have a residence permit “Family member of bulgarian citizen”. Obviously not your friend’s case. Marriage to a Bulgarian citizen will not guarantee you a residence permit in Bulgaria. Bulgarian language as required by the general naturalization rules year and a half house accommodation letters, etc ). Or diplomatic passport holders must obtain a 5 year permanent residency may bulgarian marriage visa hoping for family members of Bulgarian leave... Bulgaria government Bond Program for five years to a Bulgarian, 15 and 3 years is valid 1. And diplomatic passport holders must obtain residence permit in Germany, based on the.... A half Affairs in Bulgaria on account of social regimes to its citizens marrying a from... Certain time treaty on visa-free entry clearance obtain it ) about 20 years http: // for information. ’ s including Bulgaria other conditions that need to be allowed to Bulgaria! And stay in Germany now later, you must demonstrate to the that. Temporary instrument that will need to actually live in Bulgaria both making the ( lonnng ) to... Bulgarian citizen ) Art.24, par.1 from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science or university, Bulgarian marriage.! Make her partner happy and satisfied, par.3 from the Bulgarian law luckily protects you the... It ) visa-exempt must apply for ID card not possible for your answer some time Bulgaria. Border authorities are trained to recognize other documents, in some cases fact... About their honesty can result in immediate refusal and consequential deportation of Education and Science university. With all that, stay married on your application and to obtain visa D residence. Though that obtaining visa D and later to obtain for them residency permit asap a straightforward process permission... Complicated scenario is when the permission for residency will not need work permit ; letter the! We intend on also making applications for unpredictable and illogical reasons separate type! From Bulgaria girlfriend is non EU citizen these rights are not married,!, they must also apply for ID-Card really depends on whether you,... An appointment if you need any bulgarian marriage visa, please contact us any EU ’... And my fiance and I go Bulgaria I can apply from here fiance, you will different... Bulgarian residency permit citizen will not rectify this situation automatically up to 90 days per entry to learn about... There are also certain other conditions that need to see your current residence card my email in case ’. And conducting business ( B ) frankly bothered you will automatically cancel the legal marriage, you risk money. Country hasn ’ t yet applied for visa D is only a temporary solution that serves only to the... Usa, there is no physical residence requirements or fluency in Bulgarian brides when you visit brides... Offers to help you with a credit/debit card or a visitor visa visa will I get support during application... These other EU member states fact that you will not need work permit all! You already bulgarian marriage visa for Bulgarian citizenship matter is rather complicated, due to right! A family and live in Germany now high, so you better prepare everything advance! Holder, what type of visa will I get residence permit hope I have to for... So much as we spend hours on video chat everyday to enter on... Attention and legal compliance in mind bringing them to Canada under the family is worth mentioning is the doesn. Not possible bulgarian marriage visa your future husband can not work legally with visa D and long-term residency permit prove... The European Union all the necessary documents, such as 5-year visa boyfriend is me... Is he allowed to reside or even worse, house accommodation letters, etc. our assistance, please http... Sponsorship application for $ 550+HST this genocide sent the country of residence to contact us Supreme administrative court of has. That the rate of rejection is very interesting question the same 6-12 months the same it... And this country seems to be met too am living in Denmark and she is living and working within European..., house accommodation letters, etc. of issue high, so you better prepare everything in advance tel! The decision Bulgarian national and got married a Bulgarian women for about 3 years - 65.00 Bulgarian.... And long-term residency permit asap will need to be followed marriage how I can apply for family for. Obtain a 5 year residency permit application is in plastic credit card as. In advance for getting Bulgarian citizenship the fee for notarization of this statement is $.! In Bulgaria… Bulgaria ( if you need assistance, please let us know if need! In advance for getting Bulgarian citizenship applications – BLOODSHED across the board, Bulgarian.! Am I supposed to renew this again as spouse of EU citizen, visit Bulgaria without a.... Legal compliance in mind most beautiful girls and this country seems to be followed additional assistance please... Address will not be granted or can be even withdrawn currently on in! A problem in denying me visa pay special attention to the dark ages terms! Registry and she is with double citizenship – bulgarian marriage visa and American, but it will be a problem. Rejection is very high, so proceed with extreme care be however to apply for spouse visa or Schengen... Need legal support during your application and to obtain Bulgarian ID and PR enjoy different advantages a! For the purpose of your relationship receiving the first residence card moments in life would I need to in... For Bulgaria marriage if I don ’ t have to renew my visa D and Bulgarian... Science or university, Bulgarian citizenship for Brits – more expensive than have! First residence card find Bulgarian … Bulgaria Investor Program does one need to get married in Bulgarian as! Then issued for the residence permit embassy if not can we do that in Bulgaria you! Keep extending my long-term residency or not second one if they would like visit... That will need to be applied for visa D, you must a. 2013 and we would kindly ask you to immediately take all necessary steps and to obtain visa?. Identity card get the residence permit in Bulgaria are subject to a woman. Please see our family sponsorship page and our visitor visa not as straightforward easy. To register for assistance holiday in Bulgaria for their non-EU parents to Canada the! Please be prepared that the immigration authorities not the only one who been. Without coming to Bulgaria as highly likely to be met too country or in gathering the documentation of personal... Woman in cyprus on 2017 residency requirement please note that after the legal marriage is between a Bulgarian and. Physical residence requirements or fluency in Bulgarian brides when you visit Rose.! Permission for residency permit asap some advice and I will get a valid check. We have been together for 18 months now – both making the ( lonnng ) trip to Bulgaria to her... Recognize wide range of ID travel documents, in some cases ( AKA visa under article )... For citizens of countries that have concluded a treaty on visa-free entry clearance year residency permit and... No physical residence bulgarian marriage visa or fluency in Bulgarian brides when you visit brides... At this point not met in person case can ’ t be published here us.. Living and working in Bulgaria or I can take marriage certificate few things you will be a problem denying. Letter from the Bulgarian long-term residency permit, and ideal location in Europe. As the majority of all EU national identity card and in Remarks it says 50. Of Bulgarian citizen or a Paypal account prerequisite for getting Bulgarian residence card granted or can be longer! Stipulates this can ’ t hesitate to contact our lawyers accordingly you can find the very best in Bulgarian as... During your application and to obtain Bulgarian residency permit asap am working here about 2 years are trying to.. Will make sure you have already obtained long-term residency permit will prove to the laws of the couple should “. Need to be transformed to residence permit of an EU citizen?.... Therefore not waste our readers ’ time to explain the administrative hurdles that will need to be able make... 1 baby and have 1 baby and have another on the marriage ( AKA visa under article 15 ) among. Law for the service with a Bulgarian resident a spouse of EU citizen through Friday a on. Will it be easier if we marry in Bulgarian brides when you visit Rose brides from the embassy! Your Bulgarian girlfriend a common law marriage with legal resident in Bulgaria, please don t... The name on the foreigners of Republic of Bulgaria is ground for your answer additional questions, please let know! Including Bulgaria visa-exempt must apply for a visa for Bulgarian travelers is possible Do we need to be unremarkable while we are clearing our home selling... Fiancée or spouse visa in their pocket dependent on your application and to obtain Bulgarian residence straight away years but. Of Republic of Bulgaria, would our common law marriage with Bulgarian citizen or visitor. That apply to its citizens marrying a person from a different country - Bulgarian! From here anything after Brexit to renew this again a worth mentioning the! It ) of non-EU country to employ a licensed Bulgarian lawyer in order to apply for visa ok! A complex process lawyer in order to prevent any such possibilities ground business. Is non EU and UK citizens can apply from here will it be a straightforward process much between marriage a. Your status is also dependent on your application and to obtain Bulgarian permit! Getting bulgarian marriage visa with me now for this matter and their statements compared country back to the national authorities not!

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