.page-node-next-level-power-0-interest .title_bluebanner h2, .page-node-disneyonice .title_bluebanner h2 The good thing about having Kabayan Savings Account is that you can pay loans and even insurance conveniently through the ADA or auto-debit arrangement. *Note: Effective Jan 15, 2021, all Kaya Saving Accounts will be converted to Regular Savings Accounts. Getting a valid government ID in the Philippines isn’t really that easy, plus, a lot of banks would ask for a huge amount of initial deposit before they could allow you to open an account with them. */. We offer accounts with or without an ATM or passbook, with features to suit varying needs. .page-node-earn-more-points-bdo-visa .title_bluebanner h2, For concerns, please go to your branch of account or call our Customer Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000. 4. .page-node-earn-more-points-great-bdo-travel-sale-bdo-unionpay .title_bluebanner h2, You can choose from four types: 1. Can be enrolled in BDO online banking for automatic funds transfer from a parent’s existing BDO Savings account Annual interest rate is 0.25 %, subject to 20% withholding tax For 7-12 years old kids, bring at least one original copy of the following: Credit to other bank’s account #2 BDO OFW Savings Accounts. 2 pcs. .page-node-get-p500-cash-rebate-sm-store-bdo-unionpay .title_bluebanner h2, ]]>*/, */, */. Maximize our high interest rates and get the best out of your savings. /*-->

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