Ingram Street in the city centre was named in his honour in 1781. Ingram also made his fortune with … Currently there are many streets in Glasgow which are named after slave owners, such as Glassford Street (John Glassford), Ingram Street (Archibald Ingram) and Buchanan street (Andrew Buchanan) glorifying the slave owners of the past. Ingram Street in Glasgow, named after Archibald Ingram. The street was named for Archibald Ingram, one of Glasgow’s notorious “tobacco lords,” who had commercial interests in Virginia, Maryland and the West Indies. Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877) was a shipping and railroad tycoon, and a self-made multi-millionaire who became one of the wealthiest Americans of the 19th century. Ingram Street is a street in Glasgow Glasgow City, Scotland, UK. He was born in or near Glasgow in 1699. then married Janet Simpson, an armourer's daughter, He began trading in tobacco around 1720 and (as was common) began his own plantations. George's square, as it was known initially, was named after King George III. A number of streets in Glasgow city centre are named after tobacco lords who came to prominence during the 18th century. Find below the details of Ingram Street in the country of Scotland. These include Buchanan Street, Glassford Street, Ingram Street … Glassford is buried in Ramshorn Cemetery on Ingram Street, which is named after his brother-in-law Archibald Ingram. Around 1790 the developments north of Trongate became known as Glasgow's New Town (in post-1980 regeneration this general area was rebranded as the Merchant City).. One of the city’s most famous streets, Buchanan Street, is named after Andrew Buchanan a tobacco trader and whose family owned slave plantations in Virginia. He started out as a street vendor . We provide Google Maps, then you could check the address. Another was given the name “Harriet Tubman Street,” after the abolitionist born into slavery in the United States in the 19th century who escaped and organized rescue missions to help other slaves to escape. Archibald Ingram was an exception amongst the city merchants. Life. rising to prominence from obscure origins in Ayrshire. The postal code of Ingram Street is G1 1HA, There are about 27 street addresses. A “George Floyd Street” sign was put up in another road, although local media reported it was later removed. “People walk down the streets named after these famous merchants who built their fortunes, and the city’s, off the back of slavery without really realising who these people were. New streets named after royalty included Hanover street and Frederick street. My proposition is to rename streets like Ingram Street, Argyle Street and Cochrane Street after women who were part of abolition movements or the suffragettes. Ingram Street was named after Archibald Ingram ( 1699-1770 ), a tobacco lord who became Lord Provost of Glasgow in 1762.

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